Lighter Options: Ottoman Coffeehouse

Hello again!

Quite by chance, I found myself having a brief conversation with someone who doesn’t like me very much. Shalln’t bore you with the details. However, on the odd occasion where we do converse, more often than not there’s a solid kebab tip to be had, so hey! Frenemies aren’t all that bad!

The jist was that Ron McKenna of the Herald had recently reviewed the Ottoman Coffeehouse, on Berkeley Street in Glasgow’s trendy West End, and given it a decent write up. Alas, the Herald is paywalled and isn’t a paper I subscribe to, so I can’t say quite what Ron made of it, but I gather it was very positive.

Did a quick bit of research considering I was into looking for light bites – and this hit the spot:


Chicken Shawarma on Mixed Leaves and Turkish Salad, topped with parsley, mint, olives and feta.

As you might have noticed with the earlier Doner Haus mini-post, I’m not scoring these; the original plan was to have a big long post and as such I didn’t feel that six lots of numbers would help anyone, but I will say this: this was seriously impressive. From the photo alone, you can see that the meat pieces are a) substantial in size, and b) very well marinated. The salad itself was pretty tasty, featuring both types of olive and feta, which frankly should be standard kebab toppings anyway in my humble opinion. It was also remarkably reasonable – can’t remember how much I paid but the coffee and salad came to somewhere in the region of a tenner, so can’t complain.

Oh, and one last thing – I got busted! Just so you’re aware of the ethos of this site, I turn up to these places as a regular punter, take a photo, eat my food, pay and leave. I value my relative anonymity as it means I can write uncompromised reviews. However, I suspect that me taking a photo of my food aroused suspicion, and as I was leaving I was asked if I was reviewing the place. We had a quick chat and I explained the whole “lighter options” thing, but I was sufficiently impressed with what I had that I did pledge that I’d be back in lighter times to try the regular shawarma wrap…

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