Lighter Options: ‘Babs!

OK, so in my head, I thought 5 would be sufficient. However, with the recent heat we’ve been having, and considering that Thursday is Donerstag, I ended up finishing these lighter meals at Babs the other week, with the Hummus Chicken Shawarma. Now, for those following the general trend here (no bread, no chips = […]

Lighter Options: Istanbul Kebab House

IT’S PRACTICALLY HEALTH FOOD. Not my words, but rather the blurb on their menu which has remained more-or-less unchanged, I believe, since 2005. Naturally, this was next on my to do list. I made the mistake of a) going on a Sunday and b) not ringing ahead. This was a mistake because everybody in the […]

Lighter Options: German Doner Kebab

Hello! So far, I’ve looked at Ottoman Coffeehouse, Feta, and Doner Haus, and now I head round the corner to look at GDK’s salad and meat option – the Gym Doner Box. Now, this was a revelation when I discovered it – they’ve been doing this for ages and in many ways it is the […]

Lighter Options: Feta Street Food

Next: on to Feta Street Food! Plan was similar to Doner Haus – Order the regular stuff that comes in a wrap, but instead get a salad. I’d previously been to their Clydeport Car Park location on the north side of the Tradeston Bridge (I forget if that’s the squiggly or squinty one, but if […]

Lighter Options: Ottoman Coffeehouse

Hello again! Quite by chance, I found myself having a brief conversation with someone who doesn’t like me very much. Shalln’t bore you with the details. However, on the odd occasion where we do converse, more often than not there’s a solid kebab tip to be had, so hey! Frenemies aren’t all that bad! The […]

Lighter Options: Doner Haus

Hey! So as I was saying, June was the month when, having moved flat recently and having taken stuff out of boxes, I found my bathroom scales. Having gone up a few jeans/shirt sizes in the last year or so, I bit the bullet and jumped on the scales. The result – not as bad […]