Lighter Options: Doner Haus

Hey! So as I was saying, June was the month when, having moved flat recently and having taken stuff out of boxes, I found my bathroom scales. Having gone up a few jeans/shirt sizes in the last year or so, I bit the bullet and jumped on the scales. The result – not as bad as I had feared, and nowhere near my largest (18 year old me weighed over 20 stone, fact fans!) but at just under 15 stone, and just before my 40th birthday, I figured if I could try to return to somewhere nearer 13 I’d probably be a little happier.

So, then, to Doner Haus…

Now, Doner Haus actually offer a salad option – this wasn’t it, but I figured I should make it clear that if Chicken Shawarma with avocado and things is something that would appeal, they sell it.

This was the Mixed Chilli Teller – without chips. To be honest, I’d never ordered the teller before – my go to in there is the Mixed Chilli Doner in the fladenbrot, but I figured if I could avoid the carbs*, then at least there would be fewer overall calories than if I kept them in?

*yes that’s a pint of lager, well spotted

Overall, for day one of this challenge I’d set myself, I figured this would be a decent enough baseline. As is always the case with Doner Haus, the meat was superb, though I wasn’t perhaps expecting that amount of sauce! It was also surprisingly filling.

Next… to a place I’d never been before…

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