It’s been a funny old week…

Good afternoon! Just wanted to say a big hello to new readers who have worked their way here from the recent Glasgow World piece (if you’ve not seen it, it’s here) – welcome! It’s an odd feeling – this blog has been sitting here in the background for years, and now there’s a slightly wider […]

The Real Greek, Silverburn

Hello! Let’s get down to business: I’ve not really got a lot to say in terms of the usual whimsical pre-amble, mainly cos there isn’t one. I did consider a musical intro by way changing the words of, say, The Real Me by The Who, or possibly The Real Thing by Tony Di Bart, to […]

The Chicken Shawarma Wrap, JD Wetherspoon

Hello! I do wish this was some kind of delayed April Fools joke, or at the very least a fever dream of some sort, but it’s not. You can now get kebabs, of a sort, in Wetherspoons. They look like this: Now, full disclosure: if you’re reading this somewhere south of Preston, you’re in luck! […]

Truth Truly Tasty, Newton Mearns

Hello there! Today’s journey takes us on a trip not just to a kebab shop in the suburbs, but also a metaphorical journey into how places enter my consciousness in the first instance! You see, there is only so much you can write on any given subject, and the longer this blog runs, the fewer […]

Der Berliner, Merchant City

Hi all! This is a quick one – Der Berliner have opened up on Bell Street. Following Glasgow Live’s report that they were due to open towards the end of 2022 – well, that came and went, but having passed by recently it was clear that opening was imminent. As it happened, I checked their […]

Best Kebab Places In Glasgow 2023

Hello there! Long time no speak! Happy New… Year? It’s very nearly March. Now, normally I wouldn’t be seen dead doing one of those “Top 10” listicles that were very popular on the internet a few years ago, but circumstances change! In my case, I’ve more or less visited all the kebab shops I’ve ever […]

Doner Kebab Pot Noodle, Asda

HIYA! What can I say? It’s a Pot Noodle. Don’t expect the usual high quality writering here – well, that’s a low bar if ever there was one, but manage your own expectations, I guess. Pot Noodles get a bad rep, which I think is slightly unfair – haute cuisine they are not, but what […]

Doner Shack – Silverburn – Live!

Hello, chums. Well, here it is, it’s 12.45 on a Saturday afternoon, and I’m typing away in real time, awaiting a tray full of goodies! Well, a kebab and some chips. As such, this review will likely be a little different to the usual ones – which are stream-of-consciousness jobs at the best of times, […]

Lighter Options: ‘Babs!

OK, so in my head, I thought 5 would be sufficient. However, with the recent heat we’ve been having, and considering that Thursday is Donerstag, I ended up finishing these lighter meals at Babs the other week, with the Hummus Chicken Shawarma. Now, for those following the general trend here (no bread, no chips = […]