GDK – New Menu!

Hello, chums. Today, I would like to start off with an apology – a mea culpa if you like. The title of this post is massively inaccurate. To me, “new” would mean one of two things – either new as in “upcoming, or imminent”, as in “Hey Frank, have you heard that there’s a new […]

Shawarma King vs Hajar’s Shawarma

Hoooo! You find me on an Easter Sunday afternoon sitting at a pub table, with an empty bottle of J20 and a pint of bitter. The FA Cup Semi Final is on the TV (currently 0-0), and, having just eaten two shawarma wraps in the space of an hour, I’m beginning to question my life […]

Grillzz, Dalmarnock

Hi hello! So, as promised in my last update, despite being nearly 4 weeks “aff” the “meat”, I’m going to use Lent to post me drafts, thus destroying any kind of illusion that this website is a swift or responsive operation. In fact, even the word “operation” seems like a massive stretch. Nonetheless, a disclaimer […]

Asda’s Chicken Shawarma

Good day to YOU. So, I was in Asda’s the other day. This sounds like the set up to a joke, but I can assure, this was no joke. Why would you joke about going to Asda? As I type this, I have an internal monologue imagining a mid-90s observational comedian riffing about going to […]

We have a winner… Shawarma King

Morning chums! No review today – just a quick well done to Shawarma King for winning best Kebab in Scotland at the 2022 British Kebab Awards in London Town! As always, I guess the press releases etc will drop in due course, but MP Alison Thewliss has let the “cat” out of the “bag” on […]

Mixed Kebab

Hello. Today’s post is not a review, but rather a blog version of outtakes and the like that never ended up getting a full review for one reason or another – in some cases, it was due to being massively underwhelmed, in others it was because I was busy at the time and just never […]

Chaiiwala – Springfield Quay

Good evening squires/squiresses/squirrels. At time of writing, Jimmy Carr off of the telly has found himself in a lot of bother, and may find himself out of a job soon. Whilst that sucks for Jimmy Carr, it’s an opportunity for the rest of us, isn’t it? One person’s door closes, and another one opens for […]

Doner Kebab flavour Pringles

Hello! A quick review today, by way of a request/tip-off – Doner Kebab Pringles are a thing. Well, I say Pringles – these were released to coincide with Euro 2020, which itself ended up arriving a year late, so here I am eating them and it’s nearly September. Pringoools! Geddit? It’s a joke. In keeping […]