Lighter Options: ‘Babs!

OK, so in my head, I thought 5 would be sufficient. However, with the recent heat we’ve been having, and considering that Thursday is Donerstag, I ended up finishing these lighter meals at Babs the other week, with the Hummus Chicken Shawarma.

Now, for those following the general trend here (no bread, no chips = no carbs) may be surprised at the choice here – Houmous isn’t known for being carb-lite, but do you know what? By this point I kinda just wanted to change things up a bit. Experiment! Try something new! So I got this:

And do you know what? This was delightful. Chargrilled veg is a favourite of mine, not a huge amount of chicken, and the houmous was very good. As with the others, it came with bread, but the bread got left. No bread was eaten – and this time I can prove it!

Weirdly, I’d hardly touched the ABK Hell?

Anyway, there’s your lot.

Something a little different this week – a load of smaller posts rather than one big one. Normal service will be resumed shortly.

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