Lighter Options: Istanbul Kebab House


Not my words, but rather the blurb on their menu which has remained more-or-less unchanged, I believe, since 2005.

Naturally, this was next on my to do list.

I made the mistake of a) going on a Sunday and b) not ringing ahead. This was a mistake because everybody in the Western Hemisphere had decided to show up, and in many cases had pre-ordered. Now, Istanbul are a welcome relic to the not-too-distant past. They take cash only, they don’t deliver, they’re not on Delivery Kangaroo or EatFace, and they have a phone number for collections only (pay on collection). So my meal was a long time coming.

However; well worth the wait!

The beauty of Istanbul is that it’s next door but one to a pub that let you bring in your dinner. So I did. The beauty of this particular kebab is, like all of Istanbul’s kebabs, it’s separated out – the bread is separate, the sauce is in a tub, etc. So – calorie wise, I suspect this did come to about 500 kCal – with the light ale replacing the bread. Shish rather than doner or shawarma, only the one skewer but this was more than enough for what I needed.

5 down… 1 to go!

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