Lighter Options: German Doner Kebab


So far, I’ve looked at Ottoman Coffeehouse, Feta, and Doner Haus, and now I head round the corner to look at GDK’s salad and meat option – the Gym Doner Box.

Now, this was a revelation when I discovered it – they’ve been doing this for ages and in many ways it is the perfect light bite – it’s bread free and about 500 calories. Also – it’s the cheapest thing I’ve tried thus far, as it’s now part of their Doner 2.0 menu, priced at £5.

To be fair, you can’t really go wrong with these. The meat itself is relatively lean compared with common or garden Kebab shops, and the salad is fairly fresh. It also has the advantage of separating out the sauces – as you can see I went for a fairly sizable dollop of all three, but it you are calorie counting and looking to sacrifice the sauces, you don’t have to eat them.

It’s not as exciting, I guess, as the other ones I eaten, but who cares? This is a functional meal, and fair play to GDK for it. So straight-forward, in fact, I’ll move swiftly onto Istanbul’s offering…

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