Vote early, vote often!

The good people over at Shawarma King (review: here) have posted over on their Facebook page that they are in the running to win Glasgow Live’s Best Takeaway award. We (me) at Shawarma Police love awards, and it would be nice to see a Shawarma place win it for once. As they are a) the only […]

Morello, Great Western Road, Glasgow

Recently, on my Facebook page, I was asked the question “what is the best kebab shop in the West End?” – and I couldn’t answer that. Truth is, it’s been years since I spent any serious amount of time in the West End, and so much has changed. Trump is now President of the United […]

Shawarma King, Glasgow

(Photo nicked off of their facebook page –¬† Yesterday, I went to a music festival. I had never been to one before, and with the exception of a brief teenage desire to go to the Reading Festival in the late nineties, had never really any desire to go to one. My logic was always thus: […]