Brunch at ‘Babs – Glasgow

  Ahoy hoy. So, I decided to go back to ‘Babs. If you want to read what I wrote about it the last time, it’s over here! The tl;dr of my first visit can be summed up as follows: kebab – small, alright but not mind blowing cup of tea – mind blowingly small And […]

Lotus, Whiteinch, and Grillicious, Thornwood

“You review kebabs??” “Yes.” “What, REALLY???” This was an actual conversation that I had at work the other day. We were discussing the merits of Shawarma King (very good, recommended was my view), only to be challenged on the legitimacy of this view, because “it sounds like they only sell Shawarma”. I pointed my colleague […]

Best Kebab, Dundas Street

In all honesty, this is going to be a swift review.  They’re not very good. Which is a shame. They tick all the right boxes, they open late, they have a big glowing sign, they have decent seating, but then they also sell this: This, ladies and gentlemen, is a doner kebab. Let’s start with […]

Cafe Sono, Glasgow Central

I was in town the other day, when I saw this: SO MANY QUESTIONS. I mean, the obvious one is this one: WHY? But that in of itself is not a very helpful question to ask, because the only answer to WHY, the wise man said, is “WHY NOT”. So here are some others: What […]

Cafe India, Great Western Road

Hello, “dudes”. Today we go back to where it all began. You see, I wasn’t always a “kebab muncher”. In fact, there was once a time when I didn’t even eat meat. *record scratch* Yeah, you read that right. From about 16-ish to when I was 19-and-a-bit, I eschewed meat. I can’t remember exactly what […]