Cafe Sono, Glasgow Central

I was in town the other day, when I saw this:



I mean, the obvious one is this one: WHY? But that in of itself is not a very helpful question to ask, because the only answer to WHY, the wise man said, is “WHY NOT”. So here are some others:

  • What chain of events could possibly have happened in order for a local cafe to do some research into how many places in Scotland sell a meat and veg kebab, and find out the answer was zero?
  • What chain of events could possibly have happened in order for the said cafe to do some market research into whether or not people would actually buy this stuff?
  • Were they not aware that you can add vegetables to the cooked meat at the time of serving in the form of a “salad”?
  • What vegetables are they in that there leg?
  • Come to think of it, what’s the meat?

That last question, here on Shawarma Police, is not one I would normally ask, but then most vendors advertise their doner meat as lamb, so I don’t have to.

But seriously, what the hell? So I concocted a plan. What I would do, is go into the “shop”, in order to get “food”, so that I can get “content” for this “blog”.

First things first- this isn’t an out and out kebab shop – it’s a cafe in town that has recently started selling kebabs but their main staples are things like toasties (they call them “grilled cheeses”) and more traditional fayre. I did have a menu, somewhere, but apparently not on my phone as a dot jaypeg. But I was here for the kebab, and I did get me a snap of their flyer:


Eschewing the traditional breads of pitta (yay!) and nan (boo), they sell this stuff either in a wrap (which I later find out is a standard tortilla), or a focaccia? Blimey, that’s the sort of mad chewy bread that would soak up all the fat and therefore, in all probability, be an excellent thing to shove your meat in. However, I went all carb conscious at this point and went for the wrap.


(I have decided that pictures of unwrapped kebabs aren’t really that helpful, so I have put my pride to one side and decided to snap partly eaten ones instead. You’re welcome!)

Two things the casual observer here will notice:

  1. Isn’t that shawarma rather than a kebab?
  2. Isn’t that a pic’n’mix bag off of the Woolworths?

Now, I like this bag. If only Woolworths had sold meaty warm treats instead of teeth destroying lumps of sugar and gelatine, who knows, they may have made it into the 2010s, and as I was eating this on the concourse of Glasgow Central Station, I felt like this wouldn’t make me look like any more of a clown in any case.

But to answer the first question – no. This was unmistakenly doner meat – it had that flavour, the consistency, the Turkish spice mix! But it was not cut into long strips like doner should be, instead it was cut into tiny shawarma like pieces, presumably for aesthetic reasons.

Was it any good? Yeah, it was as it goes. Firstly, despite the “and veg” advertised, I didn’t notice any. This tasted like more or less standard doner, and it was I would suggest better than average, though it won’t win any awards. The fat content though was eye opening. At the bottom of said pick’n’mix bag, by the end of the wrap, must have been about a tablespoonfuls worth of oil down the bottom. Oh, and it wasn’t overly salty, but it was sufficiently salty for me to immediately seek out a can of coke.

Above all, it was a decent size kebab, tasted alright, and cost £4 in the city centre, which is very good value. For comparison, Turquoise round the corner I think now charge over a fiver.

Cafe Sono, under the bridge/umbrella/station/(insert own term here), Argyle St.

£4. Seating available!

6/10, plus a special one star bonus for this amazing neon sign:

IMG_20170829_184711192 (1).jpg

Cafe Sono – seven out of ten


Edit: Eight out of ten. See comments. Not. A. Clue.

6 thoughts on “Cafe Sono, Glasgow Central

  1. İ have ben there is well, its night sing outside say 4 quıd you fo yıll charger 5 quid 1 quıd servise charged Good was even not worth it too fatty

  2. Hi every one ! Before we star this we are looked all the shop Glasgow not same what we make Meat and Veg we use its beef and Veg not Fatty Lam so our meat made everyday fresh nor from freezer I dont understand why Mr Markus complain we use %Meat and reason we charge for seatin 5 pound we give extra salat and only 1 pound diffrent we serv free water and internet and also warm place price normal we charge i dont think to exspensive people spending with rubbish more than 5 pound i am very sorry email above my dougter shared because child very upset with comment thanks

    1. I think, purely on account of the comments this post has generated, that I’ll up the rating to 8/10. Mainly because I’m very confused yet, at the same time, humbled by whatever’s happened.

      1. Having just returned (ok a couple of hours later) from having an excellent mixed kebab platter (the chicken is excellent as well as the beef) to sit in, with super-friendly service, I would recommend a revisit with potential for a 9/10 in my books.

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