Lighter Options: Feta Street Food

Next: on to Feta Street Food!

Plan was similar to Doner Haus – Order the regular stuff that comes in a wrap, but instead get a salad. I’d previously been to their Clydeport Car Park location on the north side of the Tradeston Bridge (I forget if that’s the squiggly or squinty one, but if it helps, it’s the pedestrian one that keeps getting closed), and then promptly forgot to write a review. Sorry chaps! I’ll get round to it one day.


As you can see (just about), the Gyros come in either a Wrap (contains carbs, do not want), or a box (inedible – perfect!) so the plan was to get a box full of protein and salad, and I’d be laughing.

This… didn’t go to plan.

Firstly, they were shut! Ultimately, that’s a 100% reduction in calories which even for me is pretty extreme, and I had just been on a fairly long walk, so kinda wanted something to eat by this point. However – Feta have two sites now, so I just wandered up to Candleriggs to the Festival Village to check out their secondary, summer location.

The guy running the stall was friendly enough – I explained that I was looking for a box rather than a wrap, and he was fine with that, though I had to ask as it wasn’t explicitly offered as it was in the photo above. It all started to go wrong (from my point of view) when he asked if the box was due to a gluten allergy. I, rather stupidly, said yes. Now – bear in mind I had recently been busted reviewing Ottoman Coffeehouse – I figured that gluten free was a decent cover, so went with it. “Our chips are gluten free, would you like chips” – sure, why not? It wouldn’t be gyros without them, would it? However, in the same way that in a gyros wrap you get a few chips, a small handful tops, turns out, with the box, you get this:

Now – that was a substantial meal if ever I saw one, but to reassure you all, and I hate food waste as much as anyone, most of the chips were left at the end. This was pretty nice though, what you have there is pulled chicken on a bed of chips, a bit of salad, and covered in feta, liquid feta (??) and PINK SAUCE (???????)

All in, very good and would recommend, but next time I need to be a bit clearer about what I want, and possibly skip the chips entirely.

Next… to GDK!

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