Doner Shack – Silverburn – Live!

Hello, chums.

Well, here it is, it’s 12.45 on a Saturday afternoon, and I’m typing away in real time, awaiting a tray full of goodies! Well, a kebab and some chips. As such, this review will likely be a little different to the usual ones – which are stream-of-consciousness jobs at the best of times, so who knows!

Today is the grand opening of the Glasgow branch of Döner Shack, the little sibling of Döner Haus in town. To say there’s a buzz about is an understatement – Glasgow Live have already shown up, and there was a queue almost to the front door of Silverburn when I arrived.

But I digress, and, more importantly, the foods arrived.

As regular readers will know, I’m a big fan of Döner Haus in town. In fact, if I ever got into the habit of reviewing every kebab I ever ate, this website would be about 30% Döner Haus. Fortunately for you guys, I have no intention of doing that – the point is, will the Shack live up to their standards?

Let’s start off with the kebab itself. Same fladenbrot, and as far as I can tell, same kebab meat – the lean beef/turkey stuff that they use up the road. Lightly spiced, a little bit salty, and a nice amount of coriander! Where this appears to be different is the sauces spreaded directly onto the bread (a la GDK) – though on that subject, the tzatsiki here is on point – the scharf sauce on the other side ain’t bad either!

At this point, I realise why this is a shack, and not a Haus – different markets. Now, I’m not going to put on my GSCE Economics hat and write an essay about why airlines sell business and economy tickets for different people on the same plane, but it’s clear that if I were to make the analogy, this place would be a premium standard class vs first class. This is in a supermarket food area, alongside some premium brands like TGIs next door and Five Guys opposite. This does not feel out of place – it’s the high quality food of Döner Haus, with a fast food twist to it, at reasonable prices. My concern was that this wouldn’t be the case – and I’m happy that my worst fears weren’t realised.

Chips! Chips are chips. These are OK. Interesting aside – they offer the scharf sauce as a dip. Now – they also sell chicken schnitzel fries – this would work well with them (a la spicy mcnuggs) but does the job with the chips. Most of it went on the kebab, to be fair.

Beer! Having nervously looked around a number of times, it looks like I’m the only one with a pint. And fair enough, it is early Saturday afternoon. I should probably re-evaluate my life priorities. Anyway, I think that likely makes me the first paying punter on the reasonably priced Bitburger Pils (£5.10), though unlimited soft drinks and milkshakes are also available if you’re more sensible than I.

Conclusion? Well, aside from the obvious that kebabs have been under served in the great British shopping centre food court for far too long, the food’s decent and as I tend to do my bigger shops at Silverburn anyway, a handy place to have, especially on Sundays when the number 10 is half hourly.

Scores: 9/10

Doner Shack

Silverburn (opp Mozza and 5 guys)

£5.10 for the beer, kebab and chips free as part of general promotion for today only. Per this site’s ethos, will revisit when it isn’t free to confirm/change review.

*15th October – Update, have come back, this time had the mixed wrap and Chicken Schnitzel bites with hot sauce. Original score stands, wrap etc to be reviewed at some point in the future

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