Dunya, Duke Street


My head’s stopped working. I’m not sure if this is what one would call “writer’s block”, and to call this “writing” is I suppose factually accurate, if not a particularly great example of the oeuvre. I’m not even sure that oeuvre is the right word to use? Is oeuvre even a word? Doesn’t it mean something to do with a egg? Why would I write about egg?

Maybe, what would help is if I work through it logically. That way, my fragile mental train can stay on track! Let’s use the popular “job interview” technique, the STAR technique – so called, because it is used by all the “Stars” (famous people) to help them become famous people and earn upwards of £9!

So here goes:

S: Situation! This is a blog about kebabs although, much like computer games magazines of the mid 90s, it often avoids the subject at hand entirely. Unclear if due to poor quality, perverse humour, or both!

Specifically, this blog has reviewed kebab shops all over Glasgow! Except for the East End, and North Glasgow. This is unfortunate, and so I put out a plea, ages ago, for decent kebab shops in the East End (to be honest, North Glasgow is a more recently recognised omission). So I put the question out there (I think on the Pasha review?) – and got very few responses. Luckily, the few responses I did get all pointed me in the same direction: Duke Street.

T: Task. My task is to go to Dunya, on Duke Street, to eat a kebab.

A: Action. I left my flat, and walked to Dunya, on Duke Street. In fairness, it was a 4 mile walk there and 4 miles back, so I reckon that this kebab burned itself off and was therefore calorie neutral – though this may differ if you live nearer or further away, I guess.

R: Review. The R in STAR stands for Review – next time you’re in a job interview, why not rate your interviewer out of 10? Good luck!

(don’t do that)

This kebab was very nice. The place was mobbed, which I suppose is a good sign. Went in, and asked for the standard mixed shawarma wrap.

If this is a regular one… I shudder to think what a large would have looked like!

Filling wise, the meat was pretty much bang on, the ratio of meat to salad was possibly a bit salad heavy but I refer you to the above (it’s massive) so I think that’s forgivable. They also split out their salad, Subway style, so you can get the bits you like (olives) and leave out the bits you don’t (pickled whole chillis) – unfortunately, possibly due to wearing a mask, despite asking for olives four times, none were forthcoming. It’s not a deal-breaker, what I got was good… Which reminds me, I’ve not posted a half eaten wrap shot for a while…

Actually, just looking at that, perhaps I was wrong about the salad, as there’s a lot of meat there. The eagle eyed will note that’s been toasted, as I’m fond of.

Before I get to the scores, a reiteration of a plea (and pleas a bit of a stretch, replies appreciated but a lack of won’t bother me) – any decent kebab places in North Glasgow (and by that I mean Maryhill / Springburn / Robroyston etc) please let me know!

Dunya though…

Dunya, Duke Street (opp. the train station of the same name)

Mixed Shawarma Wrap, £6


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