Döner Hub, Cathcart


Today, I went to Cathcart, Glasgow’s most scenic suburb. Don’t believe me? Think this is another shawarmapolice.com “silly” “joke”? Not at all. You’ve got Holmwood House, you’ve got the Snuff Mill Bridge. You’ve got the demolished Scottish Power head office where I had three job interviews in the last noughties, all knock backs, all with bullshit feedback. Now rubble. Marvellous.

But this isn’t a travel blog (well, not primarily) so you’ll have to forgive me for not focusing on the breathtaking beauty of the White Cart Way, the waterfall in Linn Park, or the demolished HQ of an energy company who once estimated my energy use to be £179 per month for a one bed flat – no! This is about kebabs, inside a building that, to be charitable, probably won’t win awards.

Located right by Cathcart Station, and more-or-less opposite Barry’s Premier Cathcart (those who know, know), Döner Hub used to be a steak place until the covids, but repurposed itself as a deliverer of German style kebabs during lockdown, and is now open for takeaway as well as delivery. Unfortunately, where I live is well outside the area they deliver to, so I had to hot foot it over, get a take out, and eat it on a local park bench.

As you can see, Döner Hub have gone for the unorthodox rectangular box approach, but let’s face it, it’s probably better for the environment than polystyrene boxes. The box is held shut by a sticker bearing the logo of the eatery. On that note, I’ve seen a few mentions of Döner Hub recently, Glasgow Live did a piece, and it’s been mentioned elsewhere I’m sure, but no-ones mentioned the logo. As this is a family friendly blog, I won’t mention the website that the Döner Hub logo reminded me of, but… I mean… That’s one hell of a coincidence.


The food.

I like the presentation here – evidently they’re doing a Five Guys bit here where instead of having too many chips for the cup, they just have too much kebab for the kebab. A solid win. Also, Döner Hub got the fladenbrot spot on here: it wasn’t waffle grilled down to a thin crispy shell a la GDK, but it was partially toasted as you can see above unlike Döner Haus’ untoasted fladenbrot. I quite like the halfway house approach, I’ve got to be honest.

Filling wise? I went for “the hot one”, which as it turned out was lamb doner, spicy mayo, chilli sauce (London style!) and a load of pickled chillis. Whereas this blog famously hates the whole pickled chilli garnish that was designed to annoy and anger me, these were chopped and integrated into the kebab so we’ll let them off.

So, was it any good? Yes. Very good, in fact. The meat was OK at best, but the sheer abundance of sauce and salad more than made up for it. The only downer I can think of? No napkin in the bag. Fortunately, I had a GDK napkin in my bag from a previous visit, others may not be so lucky! If you’re in the area, well worth a visit, or an order via the usual suspects.

Doner Hub

Holmlea Road (I think?) (just next to the station anyway), Cathcart

“The Hot One”, £5.95


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