Yiamas Greek Taverna, Glasgow

“Alexa, what’s Greek for “Hello”?”

“γεια σας.”

γεια σας, dear readers!

A visit to Yiamas has been long overdue. For all I talk of Glasgow’s kebab district; the plethora of decent food available in the environs of West Nile Street, Yiamas has been a notable omission. To make matters worse, I went and reviewed the gyros vendors in the shopping centres before I got a chance to write this place up. I am very sorry, and it won’t happen again.

Thing about Yiamas is, it’s a mainstay. It’s been there, situated quietly on Bath Street just round the corner from the Buchanan Galleries for years, and perhaps because it’s been there for years, it’s become part of the furniture. It’s easy to walk past without giving it a second glance, which is a shame, because it’s brilliant. In this essay, I will tell you in no uncertain terms why you have to stop what you’re doing, RIGHT NOW, and go there.

1. It’s home of the gyros. They have a sign and it says it, so who would I be to argue?

2. They do sit in and takeaway. On my visit, I opted to takeaway rather than get a single berth, mainly because this would inevitably led to a boozy lunch. I do like Greek glug.

And the takeaway prices are really rather reasonable. Behold: the menu!

*Note for readers unfamiliar with the Glasgow vernacular – “Juice”, in this context, means fizzy drink, as opposed to the liquid obtained from the ancient sport of fruit squish.

Let’s face it, these prices are incredibly reasonable. £4.00 for a gyros? £4.95 for a souvlaki? £1.00 for a can of coke? I’ll get all of the above please! (I nearly did!). Also, big up these guys for pricing their food like normal people, none of this “4” or “5.5” nonsense here.


Here is Greek Asterix. Unlike his non-Helletian counterpart from Gaul, Greek Asterix doesn’t need Getafix’s magic potion, oh no. Not when he has two bottles of the sauce.

4. The bit where I shut up and review the food.
Ahh yes, the “half naked” shot. So what did I get? How was it? Etc. – I went for the chicken souvlaki – as I explained the last time, it’s basically Greek shish. Big chunks of chunky bird, in a pita bread, accompanied by Tzatziki (mint/cucumber yoghurt), tomato, onion, chips, and liberally coated with paprika. I say liberally, there was a lot. That big bit of chicken atop the photo I think tells it’s own story – this was not a half measure. Reasonable prices didn’t mean unreasonable portions. The chips were well done, suitably spiced, possibly a bit too much tzatziki but I can’t complain, it gave me a chance to put the free napkin to the test. (Spoiler: it worked)

5. Any downsides?

No, not really. One thing that puzzled me is, given that the humble gyros is a street food, I have no idea why I was charged for, and given, a paper bag that served no purpose and immediately went in the bin. It looked nice, but ultimately, that tree died in vain.

So, time for some scores:


The end.

Yiamas Greek Taverna, Bath Street, Glasgow.

Chicken souvlaki wrap, £4.95.


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