Döner Haus – Oktoberfest Edition!

Guten tag.

Today’s adventure in Kebabland takes us to an old favourite, Döner Haus. Having received a tip off (by that, I mean having read Foodie Explorers) that Döner Haus had an Oktoberfest menu, and that Oktoberfest menu had an Oktoberfest Kebap on it, I had to investigate.

Behold! The kebap! (Kebab).

Let’s look at what we have here: you want Döner meat? You got it! Bratwurst? Ja bitte! Rocket? Red picked cabbage? Ja ja ja! Das rot sauerkraut schmeckt mir gut! Rocket? Err, yeah, fine. Chilli sauce?

No. This was not chilli sauce – this was curry ketchup – you know, like from currywurst n’ that. I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of mixing tomato ketchup and curry powder together to create a Frankenstein’s Monster of a condiment. However, I had come in specially to try it… and it worked. While not being anywhere near as good as their usual scharf sauce, it was pleasant enough.

As you might imagine, being Oktoberfest, they had some beers as well! Lowenbrau Oktoberfest was the one that caught my eye, but then so did the price: £6.90. I went for the cheaper option with the pilsner in a can – to be honest, most German beers taste alike to me (with the exception of Stone Berlin’s Stone IPA, but that’s just an American beer brewed in Europe.)

A shorter review than usual this, because I’m typing this in on my phone. Whereas I normally wait a week or two before typing a review (to let the heat die down, as it were), I don’t have a week or two. In a week or two, it’ll be November, and I’m fairly sure it breaks the Rheinheitsgebot to hold Oktober related events in Nkvember.

So, in a nutshell: Döner Haus Oktoberfest Kebap. It’s alright. If Oktoberfest is your Christmas, yule love it. If you’re ambivalent like me, it’s worth trying. For me, the Mixed Chilli Döner and the Mustafa are outstanding so I’ll be sticking to those.

Döner Haus

Oktoberfest Kebap, £9.50


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