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Now, whilst this site remains a strictly grilled meat stuffed in bread with salad and sauce affair, we do maintain a respect for those who prefer their meat fried, covered in spiced gravy, and served with rice. Namely “Hector” of, who is a big fan of the stuff. Hector, (not his real name), would like to win the Scottish Curry Awards 2018, and who would we be to disagree? He writes elequently, his recommendations are sometimes good*, and if he doesn’t win, I’ll never hear the end of it. Besides, if the British Kebab Awards ever introduce a best blog category, he can always return the favour…

If you get a spare five minutes, please fill out this survey: – I have no idea what category he’s going for, presumably either Curry Lover of the Year or Curry King/Queen, but feel free to nominate him for whichever category you like – having once lifted vast quantities of Lamb Keema from his gaff, he technically qualifies as a takeaway…
*To be fair if it weren’t for him/his blog, I’d never had discovered the Karahi at the Yadgar… which is very nice indeed

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