Kurdish Street Food, G42


Afternoon! (please adjust salutation if you are reading this at a different time of day)

This is, I think, probably the single place I get asked about the most by people who know me. There are three reasons for this: one, people are beginning to hear via the grapevine that this blog here what you are reading is a, well, I would say good source of information about kebab shops in Glasgow, but we’ll stick to “source” for now; two, friends and stalkers know that I live approximately 30 centimetres away from this establishment, and three! they have a funky sign. Look at that sign. Isn’t it impressive? Not as impressive as that kebab shop in Aberdeen, no,

but nonetheless very impressive. Very bold. Much font. What the hell is going on with the i? Who knows?

Now, my main beef with this place is that they call themselves “Kurdish Street Food”, but the photo here CLEARLY SHOWS, WITHOUT ANY ROOM FOR DOUBT, that they are not street food! No! They are, if anything, a shop!
Important point – imagine they didn’t have such bold front signery going down and someone, a friend, associate or lover for instance, said “Let’s meet at Kurdish Street Food” – you’d spend all day walking up and down Allison Street looking for a street food stall that doesn’t fucking exist because it’s a SHOP.

However! It is also a VERY GOOD shop, so we can let them off. Let us consider the evidence: Here’s their menu:


Yum. When I went last, I got the chicken shawarma wrap at tree fiddy. Being approximately 34 centimetres away from Casa del Me, I was able to take the thing home and eat it, and it looked like this:


Carefully inspect this photo. What do you see? Not much, granted, as despite the fact I’ve unwrapped the wrap, it’s still a wrap, wrapped up in “bread”. But look closely: this is what I see: one – an olive. They put olives in their wraps. For the avoidance of doubt, this is good. Two – next to the olive, a mini pickled gherkin. I refer you to my previous post from Morello’s – what’s going on??? For the avoidance of doubt, this is BAD, but as it’s only a small one, mostly hidden, they nearly got away with it. Also on the fringe, onion (standard really) and red cabbage (yes please), but the biggest question is “WHY AM I SEEING THE INSIDE OF A WRAP FROM THE OUTSIDE”

Yes, much like Kings, the wrap just wasn’t well constructed and, shortly after I started to eat this thing, it pretty much fell apart. Despite appearances, it wasn’t toasted and sealed in a panini machine, making it prone to instant collapse. Luckily, I was in my living room and it fell on a plate, so could have been much much worse, I suppose. And, unlike Kings, this tasted really good – the meat was juicier, the sauce was spot on, and rogue pickles to one side, it was pretty spicy – I suspect the guy chucked in a few chillis as well.

All in all, for the price pretty good – for scale that was about a foot long and 7 cm wide. Like the Kurdistan Shawarma round the corner they have seating, should you wish to avoid the al fresco kebab experience.

Kurdish Street Food, Allison Street, Glasgow – Pollokshaws Road end.


IMG_20170730_134726318 (1)

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