We have a winner… Shawarma King

Morning chums!

No review today – just a quick well done to Shawarma King for winning best Kebab in Scotland at the 2022 British Kebab Awards in London Town! As always, I guess the press releases etc will drop in due course, but MP Alison Thewliss has let the “cat” out of the “bag” on her Twitter feed, so thanks for the update!

Certainly worthy winners – you can read my review from ages ago here: Shawarma King – though it is quite old and due a rewrite/revisit in the near ish future.

Other Glasgow kebab places nominated – Istanbul, who incredibly have never won despite being, in my view, the original quality kebab in this city, and Grillzz in Dalmarnock who have been visited and I’ll let you know my thoughts in due course.

On a personal note, we are now in Lent, and I must now invoke my annual meat cessation for the next six and a half weeks. I will update sporadically in the interim with some reviews that I have saved up, and I’ll chuck in a few veggie / vegan options along the line as well.

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