A message from Shawarma Police

Hello, all.

Please forgive the slightly more formal tone of this update – and forgive me for getting straight to the point (for once).

Your local kebab shop needs you. And we’re offering to help in some small, but I hope significant way.

Whilst there are many takeaways who will be set-up for business in the immediate future – for instance, they will be on Just Eat, Uber Eats or Deliveroo, there will be those who are not. My fear is that it is the “offline” takeaways, who will remain open for takeaways in line with the Governments announcement that takeaways are permissible, will lose custom as a result – which could in turn result in those businesses being no longer financially viable.

As such, I propose to make a directory – available at shawarmapolice.com/takeaways – and keep it as up to date as I am able to do whilst I have the time available to do so.

To the readers: I ask – if you have any suggestions, recommendations or nominations, please let me know!

To businesses: If you would like to be included, please drop me a line at takeaway@shawarmapolice.com. Please include all useful information – address, contact information, etc. Full details on the page.

Thank you, and all the very best for the future guys.

Will, Shawarma Police guy.

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