Yaya’s, Cardonald

Good evening!

Today’s review will be totally phoned in, I’m afraid to report. Heads gone. Must be this corona virus, or something. I don’t wish to spoil anyone’s dinner or owt but, Christ. I feel like I’ve been run over by a tramp riding a cow.

All things considered, probably not the best time to go for a kebab? Well, yes and no. I can’t imagine it will make my guts feel any better, but it also gets me out of the house and reconnects me with society, so in THAT respect, kebab shops are a vital social service, like pubs or prisons.

I jumped on a number 9 towards Cardonald, not really knowing where this place was. I typed “Yaya’s” into the First Bus app and it gave me directions to somewhere else, over a mile away. Thanks! Luckily, I stayed on the bus regardless and eventually arrived.

This is what you get…

Paisley Road West has exactly 92,000,427 takeaways, most of them not worthy of too much comment. Everyone loves their local, and PWR is home to these sorts of establishments – it’s nearby and not too bad, so when you can’t be arsed cooking something, you go there. There are notable exceptions of course; Istanbul at number 7, Beirut Star at number 400something, Shawarma Grill at number 300something, and a handful of interesting looking eateries between Kinning Park and Cessnock subway stations that I’m yet to visit. Would Yaya’s be another exception at number 2248? (non-Glaswegians: Paisley Road West is very long.)

This menu seems awfully familiar. Doner Quesadilla? Doner Nachos? I’m sure I’ve seen them somewhere else. It’ll come to me. Nope. Genuinely Don’t Know.

Well, the foods alright. Its not nearly as good as the other German Kebab places in town, but it is huge. Sauce-wise, they spread both hot and garlic mayo on the bread, then add more hot sauce from the warm buffet tub, which is a nice touch. The meat was a bit odd. It looks much like standard kebab shop fayre…

…now, this looks like lamb doner to me, but the menu says beef. Who am I to argue? There was an impressive amount of salad hiding underneath – this appears to have been constructed upside down.

Plus points! The wafflebread. They actually get the bread flattened in front of you. Very good! Also, the serving size. Had to throw away my chips because it was huge.

Minus points! None, really. It does what it says on the tin. That said though, they aren’t quite as good as, say, GDK or Döner Haus… yet. Maybe they will be in time. They are, however, cheaper, or should I say better value?

Yaya’s, 2248 Paisley Road West

Döner, chips and a can, £6.95


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