Yiamas Greek Taverna – Special Christmas Gyro edition

Yes YES dear reader!

They say that “It’s the most, won-DER-ful time, of the year”, don’t they? By “they”, I mean veteran crooner Andy Williams. But isn’t Christmas great? Not really.

But I tell you this. Do you know what the most, won-DER-ful time, of the DAY is? That’s right, it’s lunchtime. More specifically, lunchtime on a day off from work. A day where you don’t have to go back to work after lunch. You can have a beer and not worry about falling asleep on your keyboard at exactly twenty past two. You can even stay out for more!

So, what to do on one’s day off. Where to go? I was scrollin’ through my Facebook feed, and hidden amoungst the memes (Toaster Phil is making a resurgence, I note), polls (I am 92% doughnut, reports UniLad) and selfies, I done did seen dis:

“The Yiamas Christmas gyro is back! Turkey, stuffing, tzatsiki, chips, salad and cranberry sauce. I mean…”

…I mean that that’s lunch sorted, that is.

So I ventured into town, alighting at Buchanan Street subway station. As you might imagine, what with Christmas shopping and people panic buying due to the election result the day before, town was a little bit hectic. Not Yiamas – this was quite quiet at mid afternoon, though it did start to fill up as offices were emptying later in the afternoon.

So, I ordered the Christmas gyro as per the Facebook post as well as a bottle of Mythos lager and a side of dolmades (stuffed vine leaves) to start. The main course duly arrived:

“Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram”, said the waitress. “Ha”, I said, “it’ll be online in some form I suppose…”, and here it is! You’re getting a review into the bargain, madam! Howdya like them lemons?

And the review is thus: I had no idea going into the restaurant what this was going to taste like – it was either going to be wonderful, or completely awful. Does cranberry sauce work on a kebab? What if the turkey ends up too dry, as is often the case with Christmas birdy badness?

Well, it was very good. The photo, as always taken on my trusty Nokia 5610, doesn’t do the food justice? Or does it? The more observant of you will note that the gyro takes up half of a standard UK dinner plate and is therefore huge. (Indeed, it’s all I had to eat that day, there was no need or room for tea later that day).

The chips in the gyro are so good! With Yiamas you get what I suppose you’d call steak cut chips, whereas your gyro vans at the Christmas markets are serving out french fries.

Filling wise, it wasn’t perfect (in my humble opinion) – too many chips, not enough meat. That said, we’ve all got to pay bills, and I’ll get to the price in a minute. Yiamas, as always, get the tzatsiki ratio just right – not drowning in it as Mr Nick’s formerly of St. Enoch’s food court were fond of. Plenty of onion, could have done with more tomato, but not a deal breaker.

Nearly done – as I was finishing a chunk of turkey dropped out, so here’s a snap. I do so to highlight the meat content – this was, I suppose, turkey souvlaki as opposed to gyros from a vertical spit, and very nice it was too – probably turkey breast as I didn’t notice much in the way of fat. The stuffing, adverted on the Facebook photo as being in the gyro, was served separately in a blob. Not bad, but would have preferred it to have been in the mix. There was also a side of sun-dried tomatoes – or something similar – which I have no idea about but seeing as I personally love them I’m not going to moan.

So how much was this? Pass. Wasn’t on the menu. Literally, I quoted the Facebook post and got it. The bill came to around about £15 for the gyro, starter and beer, so I’m guessing this was about £7.

Was it any good? Yes. Yes it was. Go and get one. Why are you still reading this? Why are you not in Yiamas yet? Hurry up.

Yiamas, Bath St (Buchanan Street end)

Christmas gyro, about £7 I think?


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