The inevitable move onto social media

Shawarma Police are pleased to announced that this website has joined the 20th Century and can now be found on Facebook!

We can be found, and liked, at

Aside from the fact that you can now have your favourite meat based content shoved into your friend feed, there will be special Facebook-only content as well, mainly in the form of videos! These videos will invariably be VERY LOW QUALITY indeed (for instance, I don’t believe in editing), however I hope that they will add something to the mix – who doesn’t want to see a drunken Facebook Live where I point my camera phone at a kebab I just bought, with me bellowing “LOOK! I JUST BOUGHT THAT!”? Chicken Connoisseur we ain’t.

Anyway, you’re bound to have some questions*, so here’s some “Frequently Asked Questions”**

Q. Why are you doing this?

A. Because I found out that James Vs Burger was doing it, and copied him.

Q. Will the regular blog continue?

A. Yes! I don’t know how the post syndication works but, if all goes to plan, this post will generate a copy of this post appearing on Facebook, or a link, or something. But this is still where the main reviews will be.

Q. Any plans for other social media?

A. Well, there’s Instagram – that’s already on the go. Twitter – very possibly however this will likely just be an account with links to here, so who knows. All I do know with Twitter is, there’s already someone on there called @shawarmapolice, who is American and hasn’t posted for about 10 years. Thanks buddy!

*You probably didn’t have any questions – it’s relatively straight-forward!

**Nobody has asked these questions – they’re not frequent at all!!

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