Preview: Döner Haus, Glasgow

Hello hello hello hello hello.

The last time we figuratively spoke, I went to Sunderland to eat a kebab. Whilst this was a worthwhile experience (see Döner Haus Sunderland), it’s not something I could do on a regular basis – it takes time, money, commitment, and above all, a big lack of something better to do with my time – and I am short on the first three. (The latter, I have in abundance).

Luckily, as promised, Döner Haus are at the time of writing only hours away from opening up shop on Glasgow’s West Nile Street, and yesterday yours truly got sent an invite to preview their wares. How could I refuse?

IMG_20171114_175202006 (1).jpg

I was more smartly dressed on this trip than I was the last – partly, I felt that as I had been invited to a preview night at a new restaurant, I should try to look the part. Mostly though, it was because I was on my way to work.

The restaurant is situated on the site of the old Giraffe, in the development where the old Odeon cinema in town used to be. Remarkably spacious, technically speaking this is probably the biggest kebab house I’ve ever been in. It’s huge. The following photo probably doesn’t do it justice, as always taken by my crappy CameraPhone (TM):


New! Clean! Shiny! Sadly none of the street name decor from the Sunderland outfit has made the hundred and fifty-mile journey, though the booths have made a welcome reprisal by the West Regent Street windows.

But what of the food?

Well, as I mentioned the last time, the Glasgow restaurant has a larger menu – and when I return to give the place a fuller write up, hopefully I will have the presence of mind to take a photo of it the next time. However, I will say this: the dishes are ever so slightly cheaper than the Sunderland restaurant, there are more options on it, and seemingly replacing the “ze Berliner” as the centrepiece of the menu is “the Mustafa”:


What you’ve got there is chicken shawarma, chargrilled veg, red cabbage, onions, feta cheese and all the sauces (garlic, harissa, and a hint of chilli) on a pida bread.

It was amazing.

I shall write a bit more when I have a chance to revisit, hopefully later in the month or early December – but in the meantime do pop along.

Döner Haus open later today (November 15 2017), West Nile Street, Glasgow.


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