Colin’s Godson in Silicon Heaven


If you’re wondering where Silicon Heaven is, and what sort of a name is “Colin’s Godson” for a kebab shop, then fair enough – this is, after all, a kebab blog (or KEBABLOG) – but I messed up, alright? “Hey! Do any of you write a blog? Want a free copy of our album?” they said, and I said (to myself, loudly) “yes, I write a blog, and yes I do”, and it was only about a week later that I realised that my blog isn’t about reviewing albums, it’s about reviewing kebabs, and the shops where they live. But, it was too late, the album had already arrived (digitally) on my doormat (inbox), and I couldn’t take it back (no), so here we are.

However, it just wouldn’t do to have absolutely zero kebab stuff in this post – more on that later. (it’s scraping the barrel stuff, I’ll be honest).

Anyway! Colin’s Godson. What is a Colin’s Godson? According to band spokesman Conwy Nugg, Colin’s Godson are a band who blend Britpop, punk-pop, powerpop, glam, prog, bubblegum, and everything in between. That’s a lot of stuff, guy. Here’s a track off their previous album to give you some idea.

But what of “… in Silicon Heaven”? Well, there’s a noticeable absence of guitars, for one thing, though this gets explained at the end in the track “Built In Obsolescence”, a poignant track which serves as the band’s farewell. This said, that Colin’s Godson are going away and never coming back shouldn’t come as a surprise if you listen to the album in numerical order, because track one (“Prologue”) pretty much tells you that they’re dead.

Now, the more observant of you will have noticed that there’s a Red Dwarf thing going on – Silicon Heaven is where the toasters go, after all. But this is not a Red Dwarf album. No! This is a musical tribute to the technology that is living somewhere in our collective lofts as well as the technology that is no longer with us – there’s a track called “ZX81” for instance, an ode to the lesser known precursor to the Sinclair Spectrum, and “Nokia 3310” you’ll be pleased to read is a song about the classic phone, not the crappy new one.

Then there’s this – probably the stand out track from the album:

A catchy electronic number (hell, all the album is is catchy electronic numbers) remembering the good old days of getting a early version of the internet through your telly simply by hitting numbers. News! Sport! Weather! Digitiser! Bamboozle! Ahh yes… the song even makes reference to Park Avenue, the “crappy soap” which was originally on Oracle back in the day, later repeated on Paramount Comedy.

Anyway, it’s very good, and you should buy it. How? By heading here: It gets an entirely arbitrary 8/10, but only because of the World of Warcraft song – technically its a warning about playing WoW – but even the mention of that dreadful name nearly made me chuck my laptop in the canal.

Right, now we’re done with that, let’s talk to their lead singer, Joseph Godson, about kebabs (see what I said earlier? Proper shoe-horning this in.)

Shawarma Police: Lamb or Chicken?

Colin’s Godson: Lamb. (SP: Correct.)

Shawarma Police: Chilli sauce or Garlic sauce?

Colin’s Godson: Chilli sauce. (SP: The correct answer, as we all know, is “both”)

Shawarma Police: Favourite kebab shop?

Colin’s Godson: Falafel, Rusholme, Manchester. (SP: I googled this as we were talking. It actually does look amazing, will need to go down and review it at some point soon)

Shawarma Police: When is “too early” for a kebab?

Colin’s Godson: Never, in the early days of CG we always got kebabs on the way home from the pub and Ed (Godson, Joe’s old flatmate and erstwhile band member) was always too drunk to eat his so it was always microwaved in the morning as a nutritious breakfast.

Shawarma Police: If you could rework a previous album along the theme of grilled, sliced meats, which would it be, and why?

Colin’s Godson: I’d probably like to do a whole new concept album about kebabs, “Colin’s Godson in Vegetarian Hell” or something!

Many thanks for your time, Joe!


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