Doner Kebab flavour Pringles


A quick review today, by way of a request/tip-off – Doner Kebab Pringles are a thing.

Well, I say Pringles – these were released to coincide with Euro 2020, which itself ended up arriving a year late, so here I am eating them and it’s nearly September.

Pringoools! Geddit? It’s a joke.

In keeping with the football bants, here are some football cliches masquerading as a build-up to some crisp based content:

What’s the score with these, then? Will I be over the moon or sick as a parrot after eating them? Will they come straight back up? Will they be dancing in the streets of Pringoooals tonight?

Well, maybe. These are probably more kebab like than any other kebab snack flavoured thing I’ve ever eaten – the short lived Doner Kebab Wheat Crunchies from circa 2005 were crunchy, yes, but not very kebbaby. Pot Noodle bought out a short lived Doner Kebab flavour about 10 years or so ago, and they tasted of disappointment and regret. Maybe deliberately, we’ll never know. So what about these?

Well, they’re Pringles, and as with all Pringles I’ve ever had, the saltiness is off the chart. So there’s that. After the salt hit subsides, a substantial burst of cumin and garlic/onion, which is then rounded off by the same kind of flavour they use in roast chicken flavour crisps. A quick look at the tube and I see there’s some coriander, paprika, and turmeric in there, and no meat whatsoever, so these are suitable for vegetarians. Also listed is cayenne pepper – which isn’t obvious when eaten them, but is massively noticeable after you’ve eaten a tin and your mouth is on fire.

Verdict? Not a bad effort. I don’t generally like Pringles but they’ve made a product which, as a crisp, is fine. Would probably go well with a beer or two. That said, I can’t see me buying another.

Final scooooore: 5/10

Bought in Farmfoods, also seen in Home Bargains. I paid £1.49.

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