Mrs Falafel, Woodlands Road*


Shawarma Police reviews these days have been a bit like buses; you wait ages for one to turn up, and then it turns up. Used to be three but because of Covid, it’s just the one. And you’ve waited ages. Unlike buses, Shawarma Police won’t charge you £2.50 to go three stops down the road, and that is because we are not a bus company. I’m realising as I type this that buses were a bad metaphor. Let’s start again.


Shawarma Police reviews these days have been a bit like cats. Turn up when they want, demand food, and then disappear. I mean, there are a whole load of problems with cats as metaphors as well (I, for one, do not have a tail), but it’ll have to do as my metaphor bag is nearly empty.

Anyway, kebabs.

Today’s journey took me to Glasgow’s West End, and particularly to the junction of Woodlands Road and Ashley Street – for those of you familiar with the former road but not the latter, it’s where the mini Sainsbury’s and petrol station are. That, and a food van, which for many years sold crepes and croissants. No longer! Now it sells falafel and related wares, and luckily for me, one of those related wares was a lamb kofte wrap.

Now, for reasons I won’t spend too much time on, I’ve decided to give up eating meat (except fish) for Lent. As such, I wanted to get one last meaty kebab review before Ash Wednesday in order to avoid the blog having a four month gap, and I’ve been meaning to pay Mrs Falafel a visit for some time, so if this particular review seems rushed (and hey, when do they not?), that’s why. My brain only engaged with the calendar at about 4pm today.

First off, the van. Have I read this right?

Home made camel milk AND CBD oil? I mean, CBD oil is a big thing these days, I get that, but the other thing? Luckily, I forgot to order coffee, so it’s all good.

The food, however, was rather wonderful I must say. In honour of Shawarma Police tradition, here’s the wrap in both unopened and partly eaten shots:

The lamb kofte wrap, I was told after payment, took seven minutes to make. Clever – tell people that it’ll take seven minutes before they pay and they’ll run away! Thing is – it’s well worth the wait. The photo probably doesn’t do it justice (when do they ever?) but the two kofte were perfectly chargrilled and slightly pink but cooked in the middle. A delight to eat. The salad/sauce ratio was absolutely spot on – just the right amount of pickles and greenery – and the sauces were great! Unfortunately I got greedy and asked for three different sauces, the in-house special “Mama’s Sauce”, the tahini and the garlic sauce, so overall I got a combination that wasn’t all that spicy but had tons of flavour, and some surprising flavours at that! As I was finishing the wrap I got a very slight but noticeable hint of ginger, and I do like ginger! – and actual real bits of garlic! The sauce combination was overall very creamy, and very tasty. The wrap, as a whole, was one of the nicest ones I’ve had of late, and would throughly recommend.

As I mentioned earlier, this will be the last meaty review for the next seven weeks however there will be reviews in the interim as I spend Lent eating the odd vegetarian/vegan/fish kebab – and it goes without saying that as Mrs Falafel do a vegetarian option, I’ll likely be back in the coming weeks…

Mrs Falafel, Ashley Street* Glasgow

Lamb Kofte Wrap, £7 from the stall – delivery sites may vary in price.


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