You choose da revoose

Hello. It’s been a while, and I’m hungry. Incredibly, I’ve managed to not eat a single thing* during lockdown! I know, crazy, right? I mean medical professionals reckon I should be dead! In fairness, I have had a lot to drink, so swings and roundabouts.

*OK, I exaggerate, but I certainly haven’t been on the kebabs.

During lockdown I was quite keen to do the right thing, which was to encourage people not to go out. That’s partly why I set up the Takeaway section of this site, and… well, it wasn’t exactly a success. There were no takers. A shame but entirely understandable.

But now, at least at the time of writing, society has opened back up. Restaurants, cafes, takeaways are all open again, and I fancy a kebab. BUT WHERE?

There are two options – 1) Shawarma Grill on Paisley Road West, and 2) the Partick Kebab Van (I’ll find out it’s real name later) on Beith Street. You have the best part of two days to vote. G’g’g’g’go!

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