The McBab, McDonalds


A brief history lesson to begin: First, we had the burger. It was ok. Grilled beef in a bun. Nothing ground-breaking, but at the same time, somewhat revolutionary – as before that, all sandwiches were cold. Then, the cheeseburger. Think of a burger, right, but with cheese! Amazing! Then, when everyone got bored of that, they made the burger BIGGER! and hence the quarter-pounder with cheese was born! (Except for France, who use the metric system. It is unknown what they call it there.). THEN!! They got bored with this! So they invented a kind of regular burger, with two burgers! But, to separate the burgers in accordance with what is written, they added a bit of bread! And some awful sauce! And lo, the Big Mac happened!

And then. Nothing. For ages.

Until GOURMET burgers happened. Then, McDonald’s were on the back foot. People weren’t getting their hamburgers, cheeseburgers, quarter-pounders with cheese (French name unknown) or Big Macs from McDonald’s anymore. They were going to Burger Trench, Barry Tibbs’, Quentin McBurg’s, Trenta Polenta, The Authentic Cow Paste Factory, and many others for the real deal, the hardcore burger with a million different sauces, bacon, actual cheddar, etc. So McDonald’s hit BACK. HARD. They invented the Signature range, with brioche buns and that. They were back in the game!

Until now.

As regular readers will know, gourmet burgers have had their day. Kebabs is what it’s all about these days! The explosion of serious kebab joints has put Maccy Deese’s nose off their face, and now they’re fighting back. Behold: the McBab.

(Insert photo here)

That’s right, the McBab.

Artisan flatbread, with:

  • Deluxe artisan grass-fed McLamb,
  • Authentic Italian Chilli sauce,
  • Salad – DA WAY U LEIK IT
  • Garlic jalapeños,
  • Breadcrumbs

Served with fries and Tizer.

Yours for only £5.99.

Participating stores only, April the 1st only.

(yes, it’s a joke)


£5.99 (Meal Deal)


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