Shawarmarma – Platform at the Arches – New Beef Brisket and Garlic Zoug wrap

Oi Oi.

The last time I went to Shawarmarama, they were so good, they got an unprecidented 11 out of 10. Will they do it again?

Well, this chap seems confident. Typical – I always try to keep my shots as candid as possible – not only has this chap spotted me, he’s also smiled for the camera! Of course, this on served to prove that I can’t take photos in the wild for toffee and messed it up royally. Sorry, blurry face guy!

Anyway, the food:

All the stuff I said in the last review still applies. Everything in this kebab is done right – fresh salad, lots of it (the ratio is still 100% spot on) – the wrap is toasted for the right amount of time – all I really need to do here is update you on the filling, and give an updated score! Piece of piss!

Pulled beef brisket. A remarkable amount of buzz about this – having briefly spoken to Rob from Shawarmarama the previous week, he politely explained that they had sold a weekends worth in approximately three hours – leading to an unplanned second batch which went similarly quickly the next day. I was taking no chances: “Hi, do you have any of the beef brisket left?” I enquired. “Err, we’ve just opened” was the confused reply from Mr Blurryface. Indeed they had – it was 12pm and Platform, and with it Shawaramama, had just opened. “I’ll go for the beef brisket then, please!”

It didn’t disappoint. A generous dollop was placed inside the wrap – liberally drizzed with garlic zhoug – a green sauce not dissimilar in taste to really runny garlic butter, complimented with a hot sauce as well to give it a bit of kick. The beef was really well done – “melt in the mouth” is yer standard descriptor here but it really was – I hope never to have to test this theory but when the day comes when all my teeth are removed by a rogue dental student to prove a point about teeth, I’ll still be able to eat this because no chewing is required* – it just goes down, man.

*Shawarma Police recommend chewing and will not be held responsible if you choke due to literally following that rhetorical device.

Shawarmarama, Platform at the Arches, Glasgow

Pulled Beef Brisket + Zhoug wrap (non wraps also available), £8

A no-longer unprecidented but well deserved 11/10

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