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I love kebabs, me.

As a kid, on my way to visit maternal grandparents, my dad used to drive down Westow Hill towards Streatham, and we used to pass the first kebab shop I ever knew. “What’s kebab Daddy?” I innocently asked one Sunday afternoon. “Ah, son!” he said. “There are TWO types of kebab! The one daddy likes is called SHISH, and it’s meat on a skewer thats grilled on a barbeque!”

“Barber queue?” (I was young)

“The other type of kebab, sonny, is the Donner kebab. Don’t touch it son, it’s SHIT.”

And there I was. Years later, I went into the Broadway Kebab shop in Catford after a few beers in the Bromley, and missing my last direct bus home (necessitating a walk home from Catford, which NO-ONE LIKES). Having remembered my old man’s advice, I considered the shish. I liked how the marinaded bits of fresh…

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  1. I was unfortunate enough to try a “Special Kofta Kebab” in the West End (Scotstoun) on Saturday. Turns out it was a FILTHY deep-fried slab of frozen lamb donner meat, compressed into something akin to a King Rib. Surely the foulest food on offer anywhere.

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