The Glasvegan, St Enoch Square

Hello! In a recent discussion with a vegan about this very blog, he was very complimentary about the writing (yeah, it’s alright, I guess, but won’t win any awards or nothing) but lamented the fact that, as things had to die in the making of the foods that I eat and then loosely write about, […]

Beirut 🌟 (or Beirut Star), Cessnock

Hello again dear reader! Today’s adventure has taken me to Cessnock, home of amongst other things Glasgow’s The Glasgow Science Centre, Bellahouston Park, home of occasional gigs and religious visits, The dentists where I had my wisdom teeth forcibly removed from my mouth, a Co-Op But you haven’t come here for a geography lesson. No. […]

Falafel, Manchester

How do. Back once again with the renegade master, and this time around Shawarma Police have travelled some considerable distance with their D4 damager to report on some severely ill behaviour in the world of kebab – a mere 400 mile round trip to get some lunch to Manchester and back. “BUT WHY? YOU CAN […]

Lazord, Glasgow

Oi Oi! Before we get going on today’s excellent “content”, let’s delve into the Shawarma Police fan mail, shall we? “Dear Shawarma Police, I don’t think you’re a real policeman, and it’s only a matter of time before you’re exposed as a FRAUD and a PHONEY. Yours faithfully, Reginald Hollis” Well Reginald, that was insightful. […]

Shawarmarama, Platform @ The Arches, Glasgow

Hi hi hi hi hi, hi. Once upon a time there was a nightclub. This nightclub lived below a mainline railway station, and had many adventures. Then, one day, the Police got involved and said “Excuse me, Mr Nightclub, but you can’t have any adventures any more”, and shortly afterwards it shut down. This made […]

Braw Falafel.2.Go, Glasgow

Word. As I sit here idly thumbing this in on my phone, one thought races through my mind: “if it’s been signed for, how the fuck can it be lost?” Forgive the profanity, but I’ve just been chasing up an eBay order at Argos. A big fan of their click and collect service normally, but […]

Döner Haus, Glasgow

Hello once again dear reader. How are you doing? Not a rhetorical question by the way, feel free to leave your answers in the comments. Me? I’m just dandy, thanks for asking. Now, late last year I posted a short piece about this place having eaten there the night before opening, but was short on […]

Mezza, Glasgow

So, you wait ages for a kebab review, and then one comes along at once! Sorry about the lack of updates of late, dear reader. This has been partly due to the fact that I have been super busy doing other stuff, and partly because I’ve not really had any inspiration of late. Blogging, it […]

Fino Pitta – Nando’s, Glasgow

In the months I’ve been doing this blog, I have welcomed suggestions for places to go and visit – and they’ve all been fairly good, albeit with some odd ones thrown into the mix. One such suggestion was this one: “Ooh, there’s a good place in Giffnock”, a work colleague said. I was intrigued. “What’s […]